Spotify Is Cracking Down On Fake Music Streams

Spotify Is Cracking Down On Fake Music Streams

Popular music streaming application Spotify, is cracking down on fake music streams and warns all about the acts of fake music streams. Content that is gaining fake streams will be removed and mechanical royalties will be withheld. Spotify has made policing fake streams a warning in the past, however the real hunt for cracking done on fake music streams has begun now.

The abuse of fake music streams also known as bot streams on the Spotify platform has been a trend of late. These practices are performed by Artists, who either don’t know they are being scammed by untrustworthy music promoters or they are blatantly committing streaming fraud. Those artists who don’t know they are being scammed are in an awful situation, but for those artist who know what they are doing need to stop!

Spotify is cracking down on fake music streams to save more of the marketing bag for their self. The business structure for any mega giant like Spotify is simple, control market share. Spotify’s biggest money maker is advertising and their business goals as a music social media platform is to make money through different advertising streams. Fake streams takes away from Spotify potentially controlling the music advertising market share. Spotify wants more independent artist to spend money on their ad studio for artists.

The issue is the Spotify ad studio is not as effective in my humble as opinion. Facebook, Instagram and google ads. These social media platforms are better options that will give you a better ROI on your music promotions.

Artist look for short cuts and go for fake music streams, because honestly the streaming game is garbage. Spotify gives artists and content creators fractions of pennies for royalties. The Spotify algorithm seems to favor artists signed to record labels and this makes things unbalanced in the industry. Those who want organic streams  don’t have the financial backing to run major marketing campaigns, so they look for cheap options not knowing cheaper is not actually good! Generally if you see some marketing agency offering and guaranteeing 1 million streams for $50 dollars or $100 dollars that’s a untrustworthy music promoter serving you bot streams.

In the long run acquiring fake streams will only hurt your music. Spotify is on the hunt looking for musical content that has gained fake music streams to take down. You can bet that your music will be at risk if you are engaging in streaming fraud. January of 2021 Spotify had a massive removal of content, which sparked some controversy because many of the take downs were in fact inaccurate. This goes to show, how far Spotify is willing to go to eliminate bots streams.


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