5 Steps to landing bookings as a unknown artiste

5 Steps to landing bookings as a unknown artiste

We have spent years in the music business learning about lots of tricks, do’s and dont’s that can help artiste achieve specific goals. Like the 5 steps to landing bookings as a unknown artiste, that we are about to share with you.

One area that we seem to get consistent questions about is in regards to performing. A lot of artiste have trouble getting
promotional shows these days.

Below i have listed 5 things you can do, to land promotional bookings as a unknown artiste. Everything that we are about to tell you worked for our artiste.

First you may have that same question as many artiste may have. Why is it so hard to get promotional gigs, when you are basically performing for free?

The answer is promoters and stage managers like to work with artiste who have something to bring to the table. Pretty much you need to ad value to your self.

Here are 5 steps to landing bookings as a unknown artiste.

  1. The first rule of thumb would be to build a strategic way to get well known in a 50 mile radius of your local market. Build a local buzz and make the event promoters come to you.
  2.  Offer to help taking on the expense of the promotional flyers. The promoter will be able to wash his hands clean of any duties of spending money on artwork for the event.
  3. Offer to help promoting the show to people you know. When doing this you will create a incentive to adding you on the show. The promoter will see you as a tool to free promotion of his or her show.
  4. Provide a DJ or band for the event, this way the event promoter will not have to worry about extra expenses. When you provide a DJ or band it really allows the promoter more time to spend on promoting the event.
  5. Many artiste don’t want to hear this but paying to perform is the last resort but a good choice if it is worth it. Analyze the situation before doing so. Make sure you are getting the best out of what you spend. Make sure you will get on every promotional flyer, radio and video media ad. Make sure you will get to perform with in the prime time slot of the show and only do it if big acts are on the same show that will boost your stage presence.