Getting A&R Attention

Today we want to give you some insight on how you can be proactive in getting a&r attention. Surly you know their are lots of artiste out their, that want to know how to get signed to a record deal, some do music as a hobby and some want it to be a career.

The best way to get to the top of the massive pool of artiste is to stand out from the rest. Create the best marketable package you can. We have written down some key notes that can help you out.


  1. BE THE BEST – What do we mean by be the best? be the best in your style of music. It wont be easy but consistent work and building your self up as a artiste over time will allow you to climb over the rest. It’s not so much the talent that makes you the best, its the consistent show’s, song releases, music videos and publicity that will give you the edge, this alone can help you land a record deal.
  2. BUILD A REAL FAN BASE – Please separate your self from the average artiste that says they have a fan base but has no proof. Having a fan base is much more than a few Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers. Having a fan base means song sales, shows and generating press independent of a record label.
  3. SOCIAL PROOF – Get real social proof organically, stop buying likes, shares, plays and retweets. Gone are the days when this fooled record label reps. The reps at record labels are younger now and are just as computer savvy as you. They know the tricks ans lies and look into mush more than a couple likes. Social engagement is what they look for and even that is starting to be compromised with paid comments. The idea is to have cold hard proof, through download stats, song purchase stats, concert video’s and analytics.
  4. RELEASE GOOD MUSIC – Consistently release good music, don’t put out music just to have something new out. An a&r would rather hear 5 great songs than hear 20 songs and only 3 of them sound descent. Make sure your music is at the best it can possibly be. You don’t have to put out a whole album, and in many cases a&r’s don’t care. They just want to know you have great material, that can be marketed to the masses.
  5. RELATIONSHIPS – Music relationships are hard to get into and easy to break. What does that mean? You need to be slightly diplomatic. Don’t burn bridges you never know who is who, so don’t speak badly about someone because you never know who they know. Your in the business of music to build a career and all your pears are like co workers. Would it look good to speak bad about your co worker? no it wouldn’t look good at all, so stay focused and maintain your relationships the best way you can.
  6. SHOWMANSHIP – A good performance can say it all when getting a&r attention. Own the stage build a experience with your audience. Be engaging, look the part and take control over the people who came to watch your show. A a&r can tell when a artiste conveys influence on people and your live show is the optimal place to show you have what it takes to be a star.
  7.  BUILD THE RIGHT TEAM – Create a team of people who are just as passionate about your music as you. Get yourself a manager, publicist, agent or attorney. Not just anyone though one that has some kind of clout. One that can help you in getting a&r attention, just by them simply knowing a&rs and record executives. Find someone with experience, one who has great relationships with their connections.
  8. NO TRICKS – Please remember their are no tricks or special overnight strategies on how to get signed by a A&R and get a record deal. It boils down to building a work ethic, planning and having a consistent approach to your music.