5 Mistakes That Keep Artiste from Getting A Record Deal

5 Mistakes That Keep Artiste from Getting A Record Deal.

Mistake 1, Stay Away From Scammers! So Called Music Industry Insiders Claiming They Can Get You A Record Deal For A Small Fee… 90% Of The Time The People Claiming They Can Deliver This Type Of Help Never Stand Up To Their Promise.

Mistake 2, Thinking Your Music Is The Best It Can Be, When It Really Isn’t. Take The Time Out To Evaluate Your Self As A Artiste And Be Honest With Yourself. Take The Time Out To Have Others Give You Constructive Criticism On Your Work. A&Rs For Record Companies Are Extremely Picky, So You Need To Bring Forth Your Best That You Can. Master Your Songwriting Ability, So You Can Be Consistent in Making Hit Songs. Practice Singing and Delivery Patterns That Will Make You Look Impressive Talent Wise.

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Mistake 3, Not Being Mentally Prepared For The Business. Not Having The Proper Discipline And Work Ethic To Get You Through The Levels Of The Business. If You Don’t Have The Proper Mindset You Will Loose. A Artiste Will Not Make It Only On Talent…

Mistake 4, Not Understanding The Current State Of The Music Industry. Study The Changes In The Music Business. The Days Of Shopping Your Music To Record Labels & Landing a Record Deal Are Pretty Much Over. The Business Model Now Is Building Yourself Up Independently Through Performing, Social Media Presence And Fan Base Building. You Need To Make The Record Label Chase You.

Mistake 5, Not Being Consistent. By Far This Is The Most Important Aspect Of Perusing A Music Career These Days. As an Artiste You Need To Be Consistent With Your Music, Videos, Performances And Interviews.