Best Company To Distribute Your Music

In our opinion the best company to distribute your music with is Distrokid. If you are looking for a simple and straight forward way to distribute your newly recorded music the Distrokid platform does just that. Distrokid also charges the artist or label annually for your catalog distribution apposed to Tunecore and CD Baby which charges you the artist a annual rate per song distributed.

Best company to distribute music with

Also if you are a artist or label that releases music consistently Distrokid allows unlimited song distribution. They also allow contribution splits on the platform. You can give mechanical splits automatically to artist, songwriters, producers or anyone entitled to revenue shares on a song. This feature prevents the contributors to a recording master from missing out on their fare share of mechanical royalties. They have also added recoupment options. Which allows parties to recoup expenses if paid upfront before releasing royalty payments to contributors to a particular project.

We use Distrokid to release records and we recommend it 100%, especially if you are a independent artist that records and releases several pieces of content a year. Since we signed up with Distrokid we have also noticed new features that help artist with playlisting and streaming. You can get a exclusive 7% discount off your subscription with Distrokid through us. Open a music distribution account with Distrokid today. Click the link below to get started!