High Quality Album Mastering Studio in Florida, Offering Affordable Mastering rates.

Standard Rates & Packages

Per Song  - Regular Price $35.00 

Full Album - 12 track album for $25.00 Per Song 

Song Mastering Procedures

1. Frequency Analysis & Correction

2. Noise reduction & Removal

3. Compression/Limiting

4. Equalization

5. Stereo Expansion

6. Fade ins & Fade outs

Single Song Mastering

    Single Song Master

    12 Song Album Mastering

      12 Track Album Master

      Song Mastering

      Question: Do i really need to master my song?

      Answer: Absolutely YES!

      Mastering is the final stage with in the song recording process, this is where special processing is applied to the recording to enhance the overall quality of the audio. An un-mastered song is not satisfactory for commercial radio or retail distribution. If your goal is to reach commercial radio, major online radio or retail sale mastering will need to be done to your project.

      Mastering Studio in Florida