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Who we are

We are a radio play promoter and music distributor that provides the bridge between recording artiste and key radio station programmers and disc jockeys. Unlike many other record promoters or radio play agents who just submit your music for review, We can guarantee your music will be in rotation if selected by radio panels. We have over 10 years experience in radio and have built long lasting relationships with radio station owners, program directors and disc jockeys. When we process our clients music for radio play review, key program directors, disk Jockies and station owners are notified. The relationships  we have built have given us the capabilities to promote and market music with in the radio broadcasting arena on all levels such as, (Internet, Satellite, College and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio) with ease. Allowing us to confidently guarantee sure radio play placement. As a client your music will receive the promotion to get it to the level of the radio campaign you desire.

Radio play submission procedures

  • 1

    Order Process

    Select the desired campaign and place order, when your order is complete submit your music to us for review. We will notify you about when you will receive your first airplay report.

  • 2

    Radio play programming

    Your song will have all the necessary monitoring codes for tracking based upon the type of campaign you selected. After 24 hours (excluding weekends), a notice will be sent to the radio programmers within “Add & Power plays” (one week after we receive your music) this will notifiy our associates of submission.

  • 3

    Music delivery process

    We will digitally deliver your broadcast quality MP3. Please make sure to send your song to us in (128 kbps or better) format. Your music will be saved to our servers, for access purposes by radio programmers during the campaign.

  • 4

    Song promotion

    A E-Blast of your music will be sent to the radio station programmers one week after the "Add & Power play date" to remind the radio station of your songs delivery. Our team will follow-up with the radio station programmers through phone calls and emails confirming the acknowledgement of your music and preparing it for rotation.

  • 5

    Rotation tracking

    Weekly radio tracking reports will be sent out on a weekly basis These radio reports will include the number of spins your song received for the week, the stations that have your song in rotation and total spin count in (BDS / Mediabase or DigitalRadioTracker (DRT) Report).

30 Day 100% Money Back Gaurantee

We stand by our services with confidence and will execute all areas our service provides, however clients who do not receive a song rotation notice with in 30 days after purchase of their radio campaign order shall receive a 100% refund on their order.

Please Note: Once we process a song campaign for airplay and send out song rotation tracking forms, with in 30 days after your order there can be no refunds.

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