Using Instagram To Gain Music Fans

Using Instagram To Gain Music Fans

Using Instagram to gain music fans, Str8 Fyah Beats







Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms around these days and is still growing. The platform hasn’t quiet met its peak as yet, but is rapidly gaining interest throughout the world. Although Instagram is still in its baby stages its a good tool to use to gain some music fans.

When using Instagram the first thing you need to remember as a artiste is that people are not online to listen, buy or talk about music. I know this may be argued but its true! people go to Instagram to look at  pictures, shared videos or simply look through hash tagged posts. Don’t get discouraged because that is exactly what you want.

You want to use Instagram as an extension to what you are already doing. You don’t want Instagram to be the focus point of your music campaign. I see a lot of artiste do this and fail. Once that mistake is made they become frustrated, loose focus and let it all go. Social media all together is just a small portion of the large pie, everything is connected and Instagram is part of that connection.

Don’t over saturate Instagram you will become too common and people will loose interest and ultimately become bored! You want to tease and entertain your prospected fans. Post on average 2 to 3 times per day or every other day. You want to be remembered but you don’t want to be just another artiste promoting music. There are tons of independent artiste who are randomly posting none stop all day, don’t add yourself in that mix.

Here is an example, Instagram has a live feed feature now. Use that live feed and record your band rehearsal, during the rehearsal encourage the audience to check out more of your music or performances within your profile link. Hopefully you have a profile link that will take the individual to your website so they can see more performances or hear more music.

Use hashtags to help with posts. The last thing you want to do is post and it goes no where! You want to use hashtags that are relevant to your music genre. Also be creative with how you use hashtags, that will determine how you grow your Instagram following. Also have a good balance between popular hashtags and less popular tags.

Finally, be as consistent as possible. Coming up with creative content is difficult at times but take your time and stretch out some of your posts. Once you do this you will begin to gain some Instagram presence. Most importantly remember to stay positive, work hard and bare in mind nothing happens over night, but if you work hard you will see things go your way.