Performing as a artist in the face of Corona virus?

You probably have been brain storming about how you can still continue performing as a artist in the face of Corona virus. Many recording artist and musicians need ideas during the corona virus lock down. Right now every artist on this globe is affected by this pandemic, but there are some things you can do to remain relevant as a artist among your fans.
Here are a few ideas i want to share with you!

Live-streaming concerts

1. Nothing can replace the live gig experience, but online concerts can be entertaining in their own way.

If you’re an emerging artist, I’d advise you to make all your live stream broadcasts public just to build on whatever engagement is happening. Live streaming can also be profitable, so be sure to use a or Venmo link in the video description or comments to encourage donations.
Check out these live-streaming options:
7 things to remember about live-streaming
GO LIVE – If you’ve never gone live before, you’re probably going to be nervous.
You may even feel awkward. Every time you go live you’ll get better.
Not A Real “concert” – Live streaming is more casual and interactive than a real concert So… be casual and interactive online. Your bedroom might be an even more effective background for a live stream than setting up some fancy home studio, because it feels authentic.
Include Your Audience – Play a little bit of your song and then engage your audience early-on, prompting them to respond in the comments. This shows engagement
Do something eye-catching – Our eyes are conditioned to ignore live streams where it’s just someone holding a guitar, so from the beginning do something attractive and eye opening to catch peoples attention.
Team up – Some platforms allow you to have multiple participants in a broadcast, so you could have a co-bill or mini-festival online.
They don’t all have to be performances – Telling stories, asking questions, or teaching people… there’s lots of other things to do besides playing just your song.
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