Radio Play Still Matters

Radio Play Still Matters

Radio play still matters in the new age

Many would argue whether or not if the idea of radio play still matters. The focal point of marketing and promotion for major record labels as always been radio. When record labels would sign a new act many of their promotional efforts would be towards radio. Now fast forward to the millennium, the idea of radio promotions has certainly changed.

There are now five different areas labels and artist take their records for radio exposure. You still have the normal terrestrial radio which (includes commercial, community, and college stations), plus satellite radio services, genre-specific online programs, podcasts, customizable streaming radio platforms like Pandora and iTunes Radio, and more. Now obviously with such a wide variety of avenues to expose artists music, radio play still matters even more than before!

With such a wide variety of options for radio marketing, labels and indie artist can reach a larger and more diverse audience of people. An artiste’s target market is much greater than just within his or her’s city or country. They can now instantly gain the attention of people around the world instantly through one online steam.

Terrestrial radio could be used to capture a local buzz for the record that is released. in conjunction with online marketing and promotion a great avenue to go is podcast, Pandora and any form of online radio. These radio programs will aid in online exposure, building online presence. These different options for radio exposure has allowed labels and indie artist to become more creative and versatile with marketing records.

There are quiet a few people who would say radio is not needed due to social media but let’s think for a minute. People go on social media for many reasons news, gossip, entertainment or to kill time. Now with in that brief time on social media that person might become entertained with some new music which was posted in a news feed, Which is a great thing. The bad thing is social media can be a distraction for a artist music as well. Think what would be more effective having music on iTunes radio where someone online is on the station desiring to listen to music or someone desiring to spend a few minutes hearing who is dating who! or who said this about this person!

The best chance for effective exposure is with the individual desiring to hear music. The other person may hear the music but may not be as drawn to it as the listener who is focused. The keyword is focused you want to capture the attention of a possible fan in a space that has the listeners full attention even if its only for 2 minutes. With the flexibility and options of radio today. Artists and labels have a better chance of breaking a record, so with that said radio play still matters. Radio will always be a important factor in marketing and promoting new music and artist.

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