what record labels are looking for

what record labels are looking for

What record labels are looking for and social media!

For those artistes who desire a label deal, trying to figure out what record labels are looking for these days can be a very real challenge. The main reason it’s difficult to figure out their formula is because on a whole, music just isn’t what it used to be, artiste are not what they used to be, the business is not what it used to be. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of talented artistes out there who deserve every bit of success, however, in my opinion the rags to riches artiste story line has changed dramaticallywhat record labels are looking for. The responsibility of the record label has changed.

Back in the day it seemed all you needed was raw talent and a chance for the right person with the right connections to see you in action. There was a desire to grow and mold talent, a desire to create quality music with impressive vocals, creative lyrics and melodies, with real instruments and make lots of money doing it. This desire is exactly what caused the birth of shows like Showtime at the Apollo, Star search, American Idol and many other shows and events geared towards searching for talent. Then social media happened…..

Anyone who dares to say that the whole technology /social media era has not greatly impacted what we make popular and what record labels are looking for, is not qualified to have this conversation! It’s not that you need social media, but you NEED social media. That being said, record labels are looking for acts that will make them not just money but easy money, It’s a business, so unfortunately in this day and age it’s not just about talent and what you can potentially do, but more about what you have already done. In these times you cannot expect for anyone to be willing to groom you, you must be ready. They want artiste who are the full package, artiste who will allow them to invest as little as possible, artiste who have convinced other people to love them, follow them, and BUY FROM THEM. The less work the label has to do the better for them. What this means is, it’s not just about singing or rapping. It’s about marketing, networking and utilizing social media to the fullest. It means throwing yourself out there and becoming a master at marketing you. It means being willing and able to INVEST in your own career before anyone ever offers to cut you a check. It’s about bringing something more than just singing and dancing to the table. You must prove yourself If you desire the backing of a record company.

Obviously there are many factors surrounding what record labels are looking for and this is just skimming the surface. The unfortunate truth is no matter what some people may do it won’t result in a major record deal. However, keep in mind that the most important thing before anything else is loving what you do. Have a passion for music, not just fame and money. If you are a singer study what made the greats great and be the best singer you can be. If you are a rapper study what made the greats great and be the best rapper you can be. Be innovative, be creative, be you and success will follow. Remember, a major deal is great for some but there is nothing wrong with finding success in your own way. Whatever route you take, you must work very hard to get people to believe in your vision, believe in you talent and support you.

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