Soundcloud fan powered royalties for streaming

Soundcloud fan powered royalties for streaming

Big news for independent artist as Soundcloud has announced fan powered royalties. A new and more effective way for artist to earn money on Soundcloud, through streaming. Unlike other streaming platforms in the new space of the music industry. Soundcloud has done some tweaking to build trust and transparency with the independent music community. Soundcloud has changed their steaming model by giving the power to the fans of the artist. Allowing the fans to support their favorite artist through listenership.

Fan powered royalties are royalties the artist will earn directly from their fan base when their music is steamed by fans. Apparently independent artist have been asking for this for sometime and Soundcloud decided to deliver. Fan powered royalties will begin as of April 1st 2021 but only applies to Pro Unlimited subscribers in the Premier monetization program and Repost by Soundcloud artists, including those in Repost Select. If you dont use Soundcloud as one of your sources for branding or promoting your music, this would be the a perfect time to start.

Soundcloud broke into the digital independent music space since 2007 and built a vibrant independent music community. The music platform has given many independent artist the ability to upload music and share it with the world. Allowing artist to build a growing fanbase and also giving a avenue for listeners of unsigned independent music a place to discover new artists. Which was great for unsigned artist to breakout without a record label, because during the years of 2007 – 2015 labels were pretty much done with signing or developing new acts.

Soundcloud has gone through bumps in the road to survive as the digital music site never really implemented means for artist to make money using the platform and streaming giants such as Spotify and other platforms started to get all the attention. During the year of 2017 Soundcloud was extremely close to shutting down as Eric Wahlforss stepped down from his role as CPO. Since then Soundcloud has had investors supporting their company and has also tailored their marketing towards creators and have added series of integrations with DJ software and made its direct monetization program public.

Now with the release of fan powered royalties Soundcloud will continue to serve their subscribers with more value and if you are not apart of Soundcloud you should ad this to your marketing and branding sources as a independent artist. Click Here and follow us on Soundcloud and we will follow back