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Frequently talented unsigned artist record great material. They get it mixed, mastered ready for the world to hear and even ad a music video to the song, so they figure… I’m going to drop it Friday on Facebook maybe even twitter Right! Well that’s a good attempt but unsigned artist need to take things a little further. It is annoying to see good artist spend year after year making music that can potentially spawn their dream career and the music ends up going no where!Music Distribution fyah beats

Unsigned artist should look towards music distribution, the process of distributing a artist music is vital to the growth of the artist career. Now this depends on what type of music distribution, there are many forms of distribution and is a part of the puzzle that is pretty much left out sadly by unsigned artist.

Now a unsigned artist should take all avenues in music distribution, why? You may ask! Its simply because he or she is a fresh face. I’ll be straight up if a artist does not place some effort to distribute their material they limit the chance of success by about 50%. People need to continuously see, hear and become familiar with the artist, this is also in relation to forms of branding.

The biggest mistake unsigned artist have is thinking releasing a song starts and ends with social media. If a artist begins to get stuck in this train of thought they will definitely become stuck. All that will happen next is year after year the artist will loose focus, hope and confidence only to fail at achieving their dream. Now not everyone can be have what it takes to a super star artist, but the game has honestly way more depth to it than twitter and Facebook… and this is the reason why you have so many artist online now wishing to be scene.

My friend if you are reading this now go ahead and click here tap into a piece of the puzzle that many indie artist leave out the puzzle! There are millions of unsigned artist online desiring to be heard and seen but I beg and plead please don’t be stuck year after year recording great music thinking a major label A&R executive will come in boxing you on Instagram and twitter. Simply does not work that way… Don’t get me wrong at all… It has happened but its like winning the powerball lotto! Don’t wait for luck make your luck man.

let me give you some valuable information about some of the steps you can use to bring your music as a artist above the rapid saturation that has plagued twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Go here

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