Booking Agents

Booking Agents

How To Find Booking Agents

Booking Agents

Every artist eventually wants a booking agent. Musicians get to a point where they want to begin performing, but not just perform at parties or bars. They want quality venues and events with decent crowd numbers so they can show case their talents. When a artist gets to this point the best place to look is the booking agent directory. Finding a booking agent is rather easy, but gaining their interest may be hard. Lets go through some ways to gain the interest of a booking agent.

The first place to start when searching for a booking agent would be google or any reputable music business directory. Google and music directories will position your search to booking agents. During your search you want to make sure the booking agent works with in your genre or obviously it wont make sense.

When you have established interest in a booking agent, the next thing to do is call or write to them. See if they are interested in working with any up coming talent and ask them if you can send them some material to listen to, with a portfolio. You will also need to express to them that you are not a new artist and that you have a growing fan base, and people desire to here you. You will need to have proof of this through your social media and any other form of demographics.

Booking Agents

One of the best ways to land a deal with a booking agent is to invite them to your next show, this will prove to them everything that you have stated in your first correspondence with them. Invite them to a show with a good turn out, that will show how many people you are drawing independent of a label. Make sure you interact with the audience and you bring out reaction from the crowd, booking agents love crowd response.

In the beginning you may have to perform for free or for little money when working with a booking agent. 9 out of 10 times you will begin as a opening act for a star artist, but this is still a good step. You will be given a plat form to build your audience among a bigger name and that will only make you more of a brand as time goes on.

Getting in contact with a booking agent can take some time, gaining their interest may not happen at your first attempt. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t spark their interest, just continue working at performing and spreading your music to the masses. Just be persistent continue to build a relationship with them and update them on your progress. Many music professionals like consistency they want to make sure the artist they are going to work with will be a success.

Music Business Directories

  1. Musical America,
  2. Pollstar,
  3. The Musician’s Atlas,

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